Almost everyone has flown in an airplane. How do you feel about actually flying one? Turn your childhood dream into a reality because here is your chance to fly a micro light plane and literally float in the clouds.
A micro light is an aircraft that is designed to carry up to two people and has a maximum take-off weight not exceeding 450kgs. These aircraft have relatively short takeoff and landing capabilities making them ideal for use at smaller airfields for recreational purposes. Some countries differentiate between weight shift and 3- axis aircraft, calling the former "micro light" and the latter “ultra light".

You Should Know

  • Duration of the experience is 10 and 20 mins.
  • The experience is valid for an individual.
  • The experience availability is subject to favorable weather conditions.

You Experience

  • Pre-flight briefing about flying a micro light.
  • Flying a micro light plane with the assistance of the first micro light pilot of India.
  • Discussing the horizons of flying and aircrafts with the pilot.